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2-HOUR SESSIONS are my version of a full session. What's great about a longer session is that we have a bit more time to change or tweak wardrobe/hair/make-up, to comfortably move from one location to the next, and to ease into each setup. Also, the photos often get better as we get deeper into the shoot, as the model(s) get more comfortable and make friends with the camera. Whether I'm in session with a single subject, a couple, or a family, we simply have more time to play.

1-HOUR SESSIONS are what I consider a half-session. An hour goes by fast once we start. Especially if we're having a blast, it's over in a blink! But we can get so much done in an hour! We hold to minimal costume changes and arrive camera ready (hair & make-up done) and right on time for your session, so we can focus on your face time with the camera.

IN-HOME SESSIONS What better way to shoot families & kids than in your natural element... *home, sweet home!* You choose a day when you and your family (or your children or your newborn) can set aside quality time to capture "an intimate & up-close day in the life". Let's say, 2 or 3 hours when I can shoot you doing what you love. Whether it's baking cookies, doing arts and crafts, playing in the backyard, cuddling with the kids, hanging out in the kitchen, et cetera. Really, it's just about being intimately, casually together in the home you & your kids will always remember as the warm place where they grew up. Upon request, you can see an example of one in-home session on my Clients page. Just ask!

✴ Awww, look! You're still with me! Yay! Now that you have a sense of my shooting style, let me tell ya how this'll go down if we work together :)

Here's our photographic itinerary:

PRE-SHOOT PHONE CONSULTATION. We have a friendly chat where you express your expectations, inspiration, themes, your personality, hobbies, favorite things, sports, and whatever you’d like to allude or include in your session. We'll discuss your sense of style and wardrobe. And speaking of wardrobe…

Wardrobe: Bring to the shoot ONLY clothes that you L❤VE! Expect to wear what makes you feel good and truly you. Your favorite colors, outfits, accessories, etc. Jewelry, scarves, socks, shoes, hats, mittens... If there's a prized piece you love that's been sitting the closet because you don't know how to wear it, bring it! We’ll style your sassy self with each costume change on set.

Hair & makeup: Please arrive camera-ready with hair & make-up done, unless your hair stylist & make-up artist are expected on set. I highly encourage you to take the time to groom your hair & concern yourself with make-up, or have it done professionally. Minor blemishes can be retouched, of course. Hair product, powder and good primping go a long way on camera. Even if we're going for a natural look! Hair & make-up styling does wonders for shine & complexion that will save time & money in final editing.

That said, we still want to look like YOU! You will look, feel & be your best self!

SHOOT DAY. This'll be more fuuuun than you probably imagine! And trust me, you will look goooorgeous!!! Be sure to take care of yourself & your body before your session. Get lots of sleep the night before. Don’t drink too much caffeine the morning of or the night before. Make sure to eat a little something before your shoot.

Nervous? Don’t be! Maybe you even want to take it a step further & really pamper yourself with a massage the day before your shoot. Some of my LA actor friends get facials the week before their headshot shoots, and then a massage the day before, to soothe their nerves & give themselves their deserved star treatment ;)

Video preview. About 1-2 weeks after your session, you'll receive a video slide show preview with a few of your final images. Just to get a sneak peek at what you've got comin' to ya! You can share the video with your loved ones, friends, family & post on social media :) 

PROOFING & PRINT CONSULTATION. 2-3 weeks after your session, we’ll meet in-person to view your final images, and you place your print order. YAY! You'll express any concern with retouches or fixes, and I'll tweak to your contentment. I want you to love your photos as much as I do!

With the meticulous heart and labor that you & I put into our shoots, these pictures are best appreciated on premium quality prints! And I use a fantastic, environmentally conscious lab. Trust me -- no one whose invested in heirloom prints with me has ever regretted it. We strive for photos you'll want to hang on your wall for years & years :)

Online client gallery. After our final consultation, all final images will be available for viewing online in a password-protected web-gallery. Your web-size, watermarked images are available for download & social sharing for 1 year from session date. Any additional print requests after our print consultation can conveniently be made through your online gallery directly to our lab.

*IN-HOME CONSULTATION. *An add-on feature. Sometimes, clients get a bit frustrated when choosing prints, especially if they have boat loads of spectacular shots to choose from! Which is why we meet for the photo reveal viewing.

And some clients get overwhelmed with all the options and find themselves staring in a stupor at their walls, wondering how do I even begin to choose… what size, what kind, which wall, and which room?! Yikes!

Well, I can help with that too, if you please! For an in-home consultation fee, I'll make a house call and guide you through the process of selection, print style, framing, and placement to suit your décor and desire.

Travel fees. I'm currently based in Granbury and Austin. The session fee covers travel within 30 minutes of the Granbury or Austin area. I'm happy to travel further for a reasonable fee based on mileage and travel time.