Artists at Work, South of France

With the intention of finishing a memoir, I spent the month of March at LaMuse Artists & Writers Retreat, a beeeeautiful artists' residence in a château in provincial Labastide-Esparbairenque, in the south of France!

As fate would command, I diligently and madly edited my manuscript the first 1 week and then, as a break, took a day to photograph... a day that stretched into 3 weeks! No, the book isn't finished, but WOW... did I catch some wonderful moments with artists at work. Artists immersed in art. 

Two novelists, two poets, a playwright, a painter and a memoirist (moi!), busy bees who made precious time to stop & enjoy the foraged pre-spring blooms & native wines. France & its culture were born to savor. ☀