Artists at Work, South of France

With the intention of finishing a memoir, I spent the month of March at LaMuse Artists & Writers Retreat, a beeeeautiful artists' residence in a château in provincial Labastide-Esparbairenque, in the south of France!

As fate would command, I diligently and madly edited my manuscript the first 1 week and then, as a break, took a day to photograph... a day that stretched into 3 weeks! No, the book isn't finished, but WOW... did I catch some wonderful moments with artists at work. Artists immersed in art. 

Two novelists, two poets, a playwright, a painter and a memoirist (moi!), busy bees who made precious time to stop & enjoy the foraged pre-spring blooms & native wines. France & its culture were born to savor. ☀

Thrilla' in Manila

Summer in the Philippines to conquer my American health insurance problem: LIFESAVING. From the sheer pleasure of staycation in my co-motherland (by dual citizenship to America & the Philippines) to the PHENOMENAL, simplified healthcare and even the hospital food! 

My outings were limited, for sake of recovery, to long walks... to restaurants, spas, shopping arenas & movie theaters. It's not my fault I spent so much time walking to Uniqlo or the masseuse. I had to exercise. Leisure xpenses were a by-product ;) 

Marble Falls Girls' Weekend

All the pretty girls... made it difficult NOT to shoot all weekend! Rhonda got a makeover & hard core, skin-altering beauty tips from Jaci's mom Leah. Jaci's sister Joslyn mastered the shoot make-up (to the point of resembling my Oscar-winning make-up artist friend Kathleen, in loungewear, hands full with brushes, snacks sitting to the side, and a discerning eye), and Rhonda's daughter Caroline played with her new puppy Eddie to pass the prep time.

The 2015 Team Lucas Yearbook!


My friend Marti, an old classmate & friend who owns Lucas Gymnastics in Joshua, invited me to shoot & create a yearbook for this year's team. So much work, and in the end, so worth it to have co-created these pictures with such talented young ladies! From Tiny Team to Pre-Team to Team Lucas, they're all so talented & inspiring!

In the end, we had a 35-page book & about 20 of those pages were from our 3 shooting sessions. It was so hard to whittle down my favorites from about 280 edited shots! So here's my short pile of highlights. ☀


Project Graduation FUN RUN! (or Just Another Day at the Office! ;)

I love this photo story from the FUN RUN I shot last weekend! Mom pulls out her phone near the finish line, while I'm watching thru my viewfinder wondering what she's thinking. Like... 
"Oh, I'm just finishing a 5k & checking work emails, like multitasking Supermom. No big deal. Just another day at the office!"

Then I realize, she's stalling her finish so she can photograph her daughter crossing the finish line.  LVE.

Also, these shots remind me so much of Los Angeles. These could've been taken on Venice Beach! I mean, if you imagine the telephone pole as a palm tree ;) 

(*The full collection of Fun Run photos can be found at the Clients page. Available for public viewing!)

Mama Dani, Punk Rock Megan & Baby Brother on the Way!

I had an in-home session with my wonderful friend/college roomie/supermom Dani & Megan & baby-on-deck. This lil' gal knows how to rock the shot! And I do mean PUNK ROCK. This snippet is a product of this lil' ham doin' it Iggy Pop style ;)

(You'll find a few shots from this collection on the Family page!)


I wouldn't say I have the greenest thumb, but I do love a sensual garden. Having lived my adult life in LA with an underlying and innate bond to Maui, palm trees are forever planted in my heart. I've been away from the paradisiacal climate for a while, and a tropical fix is exactly what I needed! It's been ages - at least a few decades - since I last walked through the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Sooo worth the revisit!

A Family Who Plays Together

"Play is the highest form of research." -Albert Einstein

PLAY is how I become a better photographer... and how every client becomes a subject they L❤VE to see in their photos. Through the camera's eye, the human eye or the third eye, play is magic!

And the Whitley Kirkland family (lovingly self-named the Whitlands) have fun written all over 'em.

Whitland diptic

Just for fun, I ask for serious face and they give me family-feuders. I ask for silly face, they give me zany! No questions asked. Ha! And here's another of my faves from that afternoon. A gorgeous shot of an old friend gives such great reward. Thanks, Laurie!