It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.
— Henry David Thoreau

Helloooo! Who's April, you ask?!

A photographer, writer, filmmaker and spiritualist with a penchant for truth and beauty. There's so much extraordinary in the perceived ordinary, if we take the time to look closely!

I've been taking pictures since the analog age of my youth, first documenting my pre-adolescent years -- with a 110 cartridge camera, then my prize Kodak Disk (ha!) -- then as a model and assistant for a photographer based in southern California, then as a member of the student photography staff in high school in small town Texas.

I was distracted for a while (oooh, about twenty years or so...) by a career in film & television production in Los Angeles. After working long hours over many years as a producer, it came time for a change. So while taking a sabbatical and traveling the globe, shooting with anything I could get my hands on -- DSLR, iPhone, disposable camera, whatever! -- I've come back to something close to my heart...

Capturing through a rose-tinted lens that spectacular moment and all that grace you might've missed by a blink. ☀

I travel for destination shoots & I’m currently based in Los Angeles & central Texas — Granbury, Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, and surrounding areas!


Granbury * Aledo * Fort Worth * Dallas * Austin * Los Angeles * NYC * Paris * London * Citizen of the World 😍✈️